Today’s Sales & Marketing Training

29 Jul

Today’s Sales & Marketing Tip: Ask for the Sale! Most people making a sales presentation may do a very fine job presenting the benefits of their product or service, but at the end of their pitch often make the fatal mistake of asking an ambiguous closing question, such as, “Hows that sound?” or “Is that going to work for you?” Such questions may be answered with a “No” or “Let me think about it.” Instead, always Ask for the Sale, i.e., Ask for the Money, e.g., depending on your product or Service, your closing question should be: “How many (product) may I get you today?” or “Which credit card would you like to use today, Visa, MasterCard or Discover?” Thus you have eliminated the option for the customer to say, “No” or “Let me think about it.” If they still say, “I need to think about it,” reply, “May I ask what’s hindering you from making a decision today?” This gives you the opportunity to answer any objections or questions they may have. It is then OK to ask, “Does that answer your question?” When they say, “Yes,” go right back to asking for the Sale – “Great, how many may I get you today?” or “which credit card would you like to put this on?” Always close your pitch by Asking for the Sale! & you will see your closing ratio greatly improve!

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One response to “Today’s Sales & Marketing Training

  1. Ike Muonelo

    July 30, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Great tip James, most people don’t realize that people need to be led or helped to make a decision or they will say “I wanna think about it” which really means, “I don’t know how to make a decision”


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