Today’s Success Quote!

08 Aug

Today’s Success Quote! “Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of going after yours!” – Zig Ziglar
You have heard the expression: Misery loves company! Which simply means that people who aren’t happy, don’t like to see other people be happy; people who aren’t successful, don’t like to see other people succeed. How sad is that? But it is true, unfortunately. When you make the decision to be an Entrepreneur, a French word which literally means “Risk-Taker,” those around you, be they family or friends, generally will not be supportive of your dreams and may even be outright opposed to whatever it is you want to do. What they don’t understand, is that you are miserable inside living this life of mediocrity! You know that life has more to offer than just getting by and you want all that this life offers! You also know that you are going to have to do something different than just what you are doing now in order to achieve a change, in order to break out of the rut you are in and you are willing to take some risks to potentially make that change happen! Of course, some risk-taking is foolish; you must always seek wisdom and weigh the risks against the potential rewards to determine if the risk you are pondering is worth the potential reward, making sure that you won’t lose too much if things don’t work out. But after you have weighed all the risk-to-reward factors the best you can, when you decide to “go for it,” it is important to surround yourself with others who Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big; and don’t allow yourself to be “pulled down” by the nay-Sayers and non-believers! Don’t let those who have given up on their Dreams, talk you out of going for yours!
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