Breaking News: Hallelujah! Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News and going to NBC!

03 Jan

Breaking News: Hallelujah! Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News and going to NBC!

It has just been announced that Megyn Kelly, host of Fox News Channels Prime-Time program The Kelly File, is leaving Fox News to join NBC, a more fitting Network for Kelly as NBC now stands for Nothing But Communists in the minds of the American people!

In 2016, Megyn Kelly went from being the most loved and lusted-after female anchor by America’s males, to the most hated woman by America’s males when she went to war against Donald Trump, America’s Hope and Hero, pumping false and frivolous accusations against Trump in an obvious attempt to destroy his Candidacy, which made “We The People” of America hate her. Cutting her hair short didn’t help either.

In the wake of her hatred of Trump, our hatred of her extended to the formerly beloved Fox News Channel and we began to get sick of FNC as well. It’s time for a truly Patriotic Pro-America News Network to arise – if you are a Billionaire contact me and we’ll start one!

Unfortunately, it appears Kelly’s contract with Fox extends through the end of June, so six more months of not watching the Prime-Time spot on FNC. But hallelujah, come July 2017, until a truly Pro-America News Network arises, hopefully Fox News can get back to being a Patriotic Pro-America Trump-LOVING Network like “We The People” of America are, and demand of our News Networks!

If I may make a suggestion to Fox News Channel’s owner Rupert Murdoch – by the way, Rupert I’ve seen your home and yacht in West Palm Beach, Amazing! – for a replacement host for that Prime-Time slot…I nominate Kellyanne Conway! Now that’s a Trump Girl and that’s what “We The People” want!

God Bless Fox News and God Bless the United States of America and Our President Donald J. Trump!


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