Watch: May 14 Trump Moving Embassy to Jerusalem is Earth-shaking – What’s Next – 3rd Jewish Temple? – Pastor Jim Alderdice

11 May

www.PatriotPreacher.orgMay 14, 2018, Israel celebrates her 70th Anniversary of Israel’s Re-Birth as a Nation miraculously in a single day in fulfillment of Bible prophecy – Isaiah 66:7-8! And by God’s Divine Design through God’s Chosen & Appointed & Anointed U.S. President Donald Trump, the United States is moving our Embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, to coincide with Israel’s celebration – this is nothing less than Earth-shaking! What’s Next – The Building of Israel’s 3rd Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount during President Trump’s Term?

Watch Pastor Jim Alderdice’s exciting & prophetic message on these historic events: Click:

Pastor Jim Alderdice, Taking Back America for Christ!
New Life Worship Center, Peoria, AZ




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