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Stock Market Crash on Sept. 11, 2015 & Tsunami to Hit U.S. East Coast Prophecies

Friends, I am Predicting – not “prophesying” based on a special message I received from the Lord, but “predicting” based upon the Biblical “principle” of the “Shmitah” – the Hebrew word in Deuteronomy 15:1, where God commands that on the final day of every 7-years there is to be a “release of debts.” Deuteronomy 15:1 “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts [Heb. shemittah]. Since Man is not obeying God’s command, God is causing a wiping out of financial accounts via a single-day 7% Stock Market Crash which begins a months or years long economic collapse as Judgment for Man’s Sin in the hope Man will repent & return to God & His Son Jesus Christ/Messiah – God did this on the very day of the Shmitah on Monday, September 17, 2001, the final day of the Shmitah/Sabbatical 7th-Year (Jewish Feast of Rosh Hashanah – Feast of Trumpets & beginning of New Civil Year – beginning at Sundown) when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 684 points, 7.1%. 7-years later to the very Day of the Shmitah, Monday, September 29, 2008, the DJIA dropped 777 points in 1 Day: 7%. The Shmitah is coming again on Sunday Sept. 13, accompanied by a Solar eclipse (Sign of God’s Judgment against Gentile Nations according to Rabbinic tradition), with Rosh Hashanah beginning that Eve at Sundown & beginning the 70th Jubilee Year in human history – the every 50-year Restoring of all lands & inheritances to their original owner – the last 2 Jubilee’s 1917, Israel regain Palestine as their native homeland via the British Balfour Declaration when Britain recaptured the Land of Palestine from Muslim Turkish control and encouraged Jews to begin returning to their God-given homeland. Then again 50-years later during the next Jubilee in 1967 Israel Recaptured Jerusalem as their God-given Capital. What will Israel “Recapture” this Jubilee? Sept. 2015—Sept. 2016? I believe & predict that an Earthquake will destroy the Muslim Mosque currently occupying the Temple Mount and Israel will re-take control of the Temple Mount and begin to build the 3rd Holy Temple as prophesied in Ezekiel chapters 40—48. This Shmitah & beginning of the Jubilee is followed 2-weeks later on Sept. 28, 2015, on the Feast of Tabernacles, with the Final of 4 “Blood Moons” a Tetrad (4 consecutive) Total Lunar Eclipses which fall on Jewish/Biblical Feast Days (according to rabbinic tradition Blood Moons are a sign that war is coming upon Israel—which was fulfilled last year in Israel’s war with the Palestinians when Israel uncovered the dozens of tunnels the Muslims had built planning to attack Israel through them—but is more war yet to come, as prophesied in Ezek 38-39, with Iran & Russia?).

Now let me please be very clear, just because God brought economic Judgment on the Shmitah in 2001 & 2008, that does NOT mean He will do it again this time in 2015, but He may; and America has become even more sinful over the past 7-years, so this Stock Market/Economic Crash may be the biggest in history. But since the Shmitah falls on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015, when the U.S. Stock Markets are closed, if God does repeat His Shmitah Judgment, He will be doing it either on Friday Sept. 11, or Monday Sept. 14, 2015.

In addition to economic collapse, there are many Christian Prophets prophesying that a Tsunami, possibly caused by an asteroid, meteor or comet hitting the ocean, is going to hit the East Coast of the U.S., Caribbean, Central & South America & Europe, and I provide you 3 different Prophets prophesying this below. Many Prophets are also prophesying that Obama will institute Marshall Law in America, possibly even suspending the Nov. 2016 Presidential Election. As with all Prophecy, we must “judge” & “test” all things – do they agree with Scripture? And the ultimate proof being whether or not they come to pass (Deut. 18:18-22; 1 Cor. 14:29; 1 Thess. 5:20-21).

These prophecies all speak of this being a time of great soul-winning for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and as God protected the children of Israel in Egypt during the 10 Plagues He will Protect & Provide for His Christian Believers during these events, and that America will come out the other end as a nation that has returned back to God.

This first Tsunami Prophecy video from Efrain Rodriguez was published in July, 2014, and therefore the “7-month” time table for the event to occur was incorrect, but that does not mean the prophecy is wrong—Efrain may have simply misinterpreted the timing or God may be postponing this Judgment due to people repenting in Puerto Rico, as it is written: 2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.
Jeremiah 18:7-12 7The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, 8if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. 9And the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, 10if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it.
11“Now therefore, speak to the men of Judah and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Behold, I am fashioning a disaster and devising a plan against you. Return now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good.”’”
12And they said, “That is hopeless! So we will walk according to our own plans, and we will every one obey the dictates of his evil heart.”
Efrain’s prophecy is Theologically Sound. 2 versions: 15-min. shorter & 30-min. full—if you live outside of the U.S. you should listen to the full 30-min. version to hear his Judgment prophesied against your nation.
(30-min full):

2nd Tsunami prophecy, from Dr. Patricia Green—God’s Warning to get out of the East Coast of America (her quote of Jesus calling this a time of “tribulation” is not referring to “The 7-Year Tribulation” which the Church does not go through, but rather general tribulation that Jesus refers to such as in John 16:33) (20-min):

3rd Tsunami prophecy, from Perry Stone (Perry Stone is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God headquartered in Cleveland, TN, the same denomination I am an Ordained Bishop with) (15-min.):

Congresswoman Michele Bachman rightly predicts Obama is setting the stage for End Time Prophecies to be fulfilled – In this video hear Obama read Scripture predicting his resurrection from the dead. Please note Lt. Col. Ralph Peters comments during Fox News interview. Most importantly please note Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s comments which conclude this video and explain why I as a Christian Pastor am sharing this information with you (15-min.):

Alex Jones – Emergency Alert-Elite Evacuating America before October 2015 (12-min.):

Church, this shall be our finest hour! God has brought You to His Kingdom for such a time as this! Get Ready to Win Souls to Jesus! As it is written: Isaiah 60:1-5 1 Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. 2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you.
3 The Gentiles shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of your rising. 4 “Lift up your eyes all around, and see: They all gather together, they come to you; Your sons shall come from afar, And your daughters shall be nursed at your side. 5 Then you shall see and become radiant, And your heart shall swell with joy; Because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you.


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Photos of Last Nights Blood Moon!

bloodmoon4In case you missed it, here are a few photos (see below) my wife took of last nights Blood Moon on the Lord’s Feast of Passover! The 1st Passover was celebrated by the Jews in Egypt in which the ‘blood of the lamb” was applied to the doorposts of each family’s home and those who had applied the blood, when the Angel of Death swept throughout Egypt that night to kill the first-born of every house, when the Angel of Death saw the blood of the sacrificial lamb, he “passed over” that house! This event resulted in Pharoah finally agreeing to let the Israelites go out of Egypt, which began Israel’s journey to the Promised Land. Therefore Passover is celebrated to this day by the Jews to commemorate that historic event.

However, 2,000-years ago the true meaning of Passover came to light when Jesus Christ (Messiah) the Son of God died on Passover for the sins not only of the Israelites, but for the sins of all Mankind, for Jesus is “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29).

So this 1st of 4 Blood Moons in a row on the Lord’s Feast Days of Passover & Tabernacles in 2014-2015, I believe symbolizes the Blood of Jesus Christ/Messiah the Son of God which washes away the sins of all who call on the name of Jesus Christ to Save them!

But the next Blood Moon on October 8, 2014, I believe will symbolize War, the bloodshed of War – War that is coming to Israel! But as I reported in yesterday’s blogpost, this war of Ezekiel 38-39, I believe will result, not only in the destruction of the vile Muslim Mosque complex including the “Dome of the Rock” which sits over the “Foundation Stone” upon which the Ark of the Covenant will once again sit in the Holy of Holies in the coming 3rd Holy Temple of God, and not only in in Israel’s taking control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and beginning the building of God’s 3rd Holy Temple described in Ezekiel 40-47, but this war will also result in the destruction of the armies of Islam, and ultimately and most important of all it will result in all nations knowing that the God of Israel, even the Lord Jesus Christ, is the One and Only God!
Ezekiel 38:23 (NKJV)
23Thus I will magnify Myself and sanctify Myself, and I will be known in the eyes of many nations. Then they shall know that I am the Lord.”’







The Moon at conclusion of the Total Eclipse returning to its normal full Moon state:


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The Rebuilding of God’s 3rd Holy Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Coming Soon!

The Rebuilding of God’s 3rd Holy Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Coming Soon!

Are you aware of the history and importance of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel? I believe the 4 “Blood Moons,” total eclipses of the Moon that create a blood red ring around the Mooon, 2 of which occur this year, the 1st on April 15, 2014 – upon the very day of the Lord’s appointed Jewish Feast of Passover, and the 2nd on October 9, 2014, the Lord’s appointed Jewish Feast of Tabernacles (the 1st and 7th, Last Feast), and again next year, the 3rd Blood Moon on April 4, 2015 – Passover, and the 4th Blood Moon on September 28, 2015 – Tabernacles, will be a Heavenly “sign” that brings about the destruction of the Muslim mosques currently defiling the Temple Mount, the regaining of Jewish sovereignty over their God-given Temple Mount and the beginning of the reguilding of the prophetic 3rd Jewish Temple prophesied in Ezekiel 40:1–47:12.

Below is a link to a video on the Temple Institute website, which is our Church’s current world missions project supporting the rebuilding of God’s 3rd Holy Temple. This video is from March 30, 2014, the “5th Annual Temple Mount Awareness Day.”

Though the entire video is a few hours long, I encourage you to at least watch the first 13-minutes, where you see the Temple Institutes impassioned vision for reclaiming sovereignty of the Temple Mount, ridding it of Muslim presence, and rebuilding the 3rd Holy Temple in our time! You also discover that presently Jews are not allowed to even pray at the Temple Mount. You will also learn that it is just in the past year through the Temple Institute’s work, that a growing awareness has risen of the Jews right to pray and worship at the Temple Mount and even their right to a Temple there. If you listen past the first 13-minutes, you will hear a Jewish archaeological expert who reveals that in the 1990’s the Muslims turned 2 subterranean (underground) portions of the original 1st and 2nd Jewish Temples, into mosques, one large enough to hold 10,000 to 15,000 worshippers! Our missions giving to the Temple Institute will help restore and rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in our time!
Shalom Shalom! Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wholeness, Fullness of God’s Favor upon you in Christ (Messiah) Jesus Name! Amen & Amen!


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