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Santa Fe Texas School Shooter is a Jew-Hating Nazi, Communist Satanist – All as a Result of the Teaching of Evolution!

Santa Fe Texas School Shooter is a Jew-Hating Nazi, Communist Satanist – Al as the Result of the Teaching of Evolution!

The below details reported on Alex Jones’s Info Wars, I have heard corroborated on Fox News; along with the Nazi Swastika & Communist Hammer & Sickle symbols, the “Baphomet pins” this 17-year-old wore on his trench coat were also worn by one of the Columbine High School shooters and is a satanic goat head that forms a pentagram often worn by satanists  – All this can be directly traced to the teaching of the fabricated fairytale false-religion Lie of Evolution to our children by the God-hating satanic New World Order Democrats & Establishment Republicans! It is an indisputable FACT that Nazism & Communism are founded upon the belief in Evolution; and remember that the two Columbine School Shooters based their mass-murder of fellow students upon their personal belief in Evolution, or more rightly spelled Evilution, as one of their T-shirts said “Natural Selection” and they wrote in their Journal that their murderous act was going to “kick Natural Selection up a notch!” The Columbine Shooters main targets were Christians.

Once again, for those of you who believe in the religion of Evolution, which states that All Plants & Animals & Humans came from a Common Ancestor, i.e., Every Kind of Plant & Animal came from a Different Kind of Plant or Animal, I DARE you to give me just ONE example of any Kind of Plant or Animal EVER Changing into a Different Kind of Plant or Animal…YOU CAN’T! Not One! That is because when God Created “the Heaven and the Earth” and all that in them is, as revealed in Genesis Chapter One (I suggest you go back and read it), God Created Every Kind of Plant & Animal, and Humans, to “Reproduce After Their Kind!” Evolution is a bigger hoax than Trump colluding with the Russians! See below report:

Update: Explosives were found at the high school and the surrounding area, according to Chief Walter Braun of Santa Fe Independent School District Police.

Update #2: Multiple media outlets identified the suspect as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, citing police sources. Witnesses said the suspect was known to wear trench coats every day, which included neo-Nazi, communist hammer & sickle and Baphomet pins. Pagourtzis claimed to be an “atheist” on Facebook, yet he also predominantly featured a pentagram on his profile page.

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