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Trifecta of Events in Middle East on this day, Jan. 23, 2015, Cause Chaos & Concern, 1-day After President Obama Declares “We’ve turned the corner!”

Breaking News: Today, January 23, 2015, a trifecta of events have occurred in the Middle East causing chaos and concern just 1-day after President Obama in his State of the Union address declared that “we’ve turned the corner,” in other words, “everything is alright!” Really Mr. President?

News is breaking that Yemen’s government has fallen to Iranian backed “rebels” resulting in anarchy throughout the country. Yemen was the “bright spot” President Obama declared in his Middle East policy and would be a “road map for the future!” Oops!

Simultaneously, news is breaking that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has died at the age of 90 – the Muslim King that Obama bowed down to in submission to Islam and Islam’s King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam about 630 A.D., therefore Saudi Arabia’s “King” is the King of Islam. Abdullah’s death may result in a power struggle in Saudi Arabia, which may in turn impact our wonderfully low gas prices.

Yemen’s government falling and King Abdullah dying the same day does not bode well for Middle East “stability.”

Also breaking today, after President Obama declared yesterday in his State of the Union Address that, if Congress passes tougher economic sanctions against Iran, he will Veto that Bill, Israel release brand new satellite images of Iran’s new Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile on the launch-pad outside Tehran, capable of hitting all of Europe and possibly the United States with Nuclear Warheads! (See image above).

Just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it, knowing that our Muslim-loving, America-hating, Israel-hating “President” is at the helm.

God Arise and let Your enemies be scattered!


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