Creation vs. Evolution – Which do You “Believe?” Why?

16 Aug

Join Us this Sunday as We Unlock the Mysteries of GENESIS!
Presented by New Life Worship Center, Peoria, AZ
Sunday, Aug. 17, 10:30am
Join Us as We Explore the Scientific Evidence that Confirms the Biblical Account of Creation & We Expose the Un-Scientific Fabricated False-Religion called “Evolution”
DVD Series produced by the Institute for Creation Research – Co-Presented by Pastor Jim Alderdice & Creation Science Evangelist Westin Alderdice
Episode 2 of 12-Episodes: “What is LIFE?”
New Life Worship Center Church of God
11001 N. 99th Ave., Suite 123
Peoria, AZ 85345
On 99th Ave., 1 ½ blocks North of Peoria Ave.
Plan to Attend & Bring a Friend!
Watch this Trailer:


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